Transcription  — Professional General Transcription Services

  • Do you need to create a transcript from a recorded interview?
  • Have you recorded a class or seminar that you’d like transcribed?
  • Do you own an e-mail or autoresponder list and would like to present information to your members in written form?
  • Are you writing an e-book and would like to speak the information and have it typed for you?
  • Do you have content recorded and would like it transcribed to use as blog posts?
  • Is your company working on video products such as commercials and documentaries and need transcripts that include time stamps?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, or are looking for Professional General Transcription Services, please Contact Tara for more information!

  • Professionally formatted transcripts
  • Easy to read
  • Ready to send to your list of readers
  • Proper spelling and word usage
  • Proofread for accuracy
  • You choose verbatim or “cleaned up” (non-verbatim)
  • Transcript emailed as a Word document or PDF

Tara’s team has gone through extensive training to ensure the quality of their transcripts and services.

If You’re Looking for a ‘Cheap’ Transcription Service, You’ve Come to the Wrong Place…

  • You get what you pay for, and with us, you get more.
  • Our rates are reasonable, but we’re not a ‘cheap’ solution.
  • If you want a quality product, that’s what we deliver.
  • Our transcripts are ready to send to your readers.
  • How much money are you saving by having to edit transcripts?
  • Nobody is 100% accurate, but we are as close as possible.

If you have been let down by the ‘cheap’ transcription solutions, please give us a try. Contact Tara for the best service and transcripts around.

How Many Times Have You Had to Edit a Transcript Yourself Because…?

  • It was not readable.
  • There were no paragraphs.
  • It wasn’t even finished.
  • Punctuation was incorrect or non-existent.
  • Spelling was incorrect.
  • Words were misused, such as ‘your’ for ‘you’re.’
  • There was a ‘paper clip’ instead of a ‘pay-per-click.’

If any of these things have ever happened to you, it’s time to Contact Tara  for more information on our high quality, professional transcripts.

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